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2011-01-04 22:40:24 by chikara1221

Baka baka baka baka baka baka~

DJmaniax song are awesome XP


2010-09-23 05:56:58 by chikara1221

Omg madness 2010!!
omg i can't make tips now :D
soo busy playing and watching madness ROFL


I would really like to donate :D but im at Japan TT.TT BTW EVEN THOUGHT IM ASIAN IM NOT COOL...

but u'll donate $100 for just an NG tour.?!

hmmm... it seem not fair xD

well Good luck then?



Stalking a Guy/Girl
Throwing Sharp Pencils At Him/Her
Wrestle Him/Her
Torture Him/Her

After you done each of them say GIVE ME MONEY!!! and they will give you like 5 dollars or more XDD!!

*Sigh* Its hard giving tips to games espicially when you need to finish the game first ~.~" The hardest 1 that i made a tip is from Cave Of Wonders :D so other games there I'LL GIVE THE BEST TIPS EVER! :D

Still giving tips to games :D


2009-12-15 03:05:11 by chikara1221

Im really bored lately oh yeah To luis MAKE another game~ :P


:3 I nid to get more awards!

Need to get more Medals or Award!


2009-12-07 23:42:36 by chikara1221

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